Bernard E. Filner, M.D., Pain Medicine, Rockville, MD
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The Pain Center treats people who suffer from acute or chronic soft-tissue pain.

Acute pain is usually brief and sharp, and primarily caused by disease, inflammation, or injury.

Chronic pain is a continuous pain that persists for more than three months or beyond the expected healing time. The cause of chronic pain is not always evident; in some cases, it is brought on by chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Regardless, patients with chronic pain often report that the pain interferes with their quality of life, sleep, and productivity.

People with chronic pain can suffer for years with little-to-no relief despite numerous efforts and visits to doctors. At the Pain Center, we have been successful in reducing or eliminating pain through a two-step approach.

The first step is giving the correct diagnosis, that is, finding the root cause or location of the pain. To accomplish this, we start with an attentive and detailed diagnostic evaluation during which we take the time to listen to your symptoms and history.

Once we have correctly diagnosed your pain, we begin the second step, which is developing a personalized, integrative treatment plan that targets ways to reduce your pain. These may include new, painless technologies, massage therapy, movement therapy, and adjustments to posture and diet, as well as physical therapy services, optimized body movement therapy (Feldenkrais®), or other non-traditional therapies. Appropriate referrals will be given if needed.

Throughout this treatment process we also strive to reduce the need and use of medication, while still providing adequate pain relief.

We have found this combination of accurate diagnosis and innovative treatment, including reduced medication, to be frequently successful in reducing many types of soft-tissue pain without the need of surgery.