Bernard E. Filner, M.D., Pain Medicine, Rockville, MD
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“For several years, painless cold laser treatments have helped relieve my soft tissue pain from FMS and MPS. Recently, microcurrent, along with the laser, has helped increase my range of motion and break up scar tissue, and has desensitized the incisions from total knee replacements. Dr. Filner’s hands-on treatment, his ability to pinpoint the source of radiating pain, and his warm, caring manner are well-complemented by his warm, caring staff.”

—Marilyn, a patient with longstanding fibromyalgia
and recent bilateral knee replacements

“I had been rear-ended in a car accident 15 years ago and had suffered lower right back pain off and on for years. Been to chiropractors, massage therapists, done exercises—nothing really got rid of the pain. After two treatments three months ago I have not had any pain. Dr. Filner also commented on my poor posture and how that could also be impacting the lower back pain. He fitted me with shoe inserts that have made an incredible difference as to how I carry myself and there is also pain reduction in the entire lower back area. At his suggestion, I have since purchased different shoes that have also helped in alleviating this pain. Such a difference!”


“Dr. Filner has been the only MD to provide a significant reduction in my 20+ year history of chronic pain.”

—Bruce, a patient with low back and leg pain

“After 17 years as a police officer, on-duty injuries to my head and spine required 7 operations that left me totally disabled and in constant, agonizing pain. My life was spinning out of control. When my physical therapist told me about a local doctor who had started a practice dealing with chronic pain, I called and was able to see Dr. Filner within days. Unlike many of my past doctors, he worked with me, gave me options and came up with a game plan. He was easy to talk to, never rushed and always was willing to consider different treatments or therapies. Before long, I felt like I was regaining control. Dr. Filner gave me back my life.”