Bernard E. Filner, M.D., Pain Medicine, Rockville, MD
Treatment Approach


One size does not fit all

Our principal goal is to reduce pain and improve lives, while minimizing the need for medication or invasive surgery. Because each person responds differently to pain, every individual needs a personal treatment plan.

At the Pain Center, we believe that the correct diagnosis is the beginning of healing—what we call the “partnership for progress.” Following a person’s evaluation, we discuss the diagnosis and available treatment options in detail, using language free from medical jargon. The more you understand our plan to treat your pain, the more invested you will be, and thus the more effective the plan to reduce your pain will be.

The comprehensive treatment plan you receive may include standard medical approaches, non-invasive technology, trigger-point injections, physical therapy, and medication, as well as lifestyle changes that address diet, mobility, and the ergonomics of your environment.

Your treatment plan may include standard medical approaches:

It may also include lifestyle changes:

  • Dietary changes and supplements
  • Ergonomic changes
  • Movement therapy